Bregenz Festival floating stages in Austria

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  The stage decorations used during the Bregenz Festival, Austria are nothing like any other. Generally the festival itself is held during the July and August meaning the evenings will be dark but warm enough for the audience to enjoy the colors. And although there are about 5 stages used regularly, the most impressive of them is the "Seebühne" ("Sea stage" or the "floating stage", 7000 seats) which is normally used [.....]

Old water tower transformed into a modern home


Picture yourself living in a house that was built nearly 100 years ago, and was once even used as a Nazi hide-out during the war. Now add to this the fact that the house is actually a 100-feet high water tower that was in service till 1990, and you will get really close to grasping just how cool  is. The Bham Design Studio started developing this tower renovation project in 2007, and eventually it ended up being a [.....]

Chinese apartment buildings

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In addition to all this beautiful architecture, that we have already covered, we will occasionally post something to balance things. So this time we will have a gallery which does not look good at all. This LEGO-like architecture is of Chinese origin. There are several factors contributing to such architectural outcome 1. The land prices in Hong Kong and mainland China have continued to rise and the construction [.....]

Student architect in China constructs his own wooden house


Student architect in China constructs his own 75 ft² wooden house complete with kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even a patio